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Fol-Da-Tank® Company patented the first folding tank in 1954 and introduced it to firefighters who immediately recognized it's value and quality. Fol-Da-Tank Company has proven to be the practical answer as an extra water supply for rural and forestry needs. The company designs and manufactures the tanks in 9 standard sizes with steel or aluminum frames available.

Self-Supporting tanks are another specialty that the company manufactures. Sizes range from 500-20,000 gallons. These tanks are used for rural and forestry emergencies.

Other products available include: Floating and Low Level Strainers, Supply Line Holders, Clapper Valves, Salvage Covers, Triage Tarps and Secondary Containment Berms.

Fol-Da-Tank sells to the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Army, Navy and many other government agencies. The Fol-Da-Tank is known world wide not only for firefighting but also for oil spill clean up and storage. Our products are also used on the North Slope of Alaska for emergency containment.

Fol-Da-Tanks are manufactured at our facility in Milan, Illinois. From welding the frame to painting the frame we have total quality control. The liners for the tanks are also manufactured at our plant. We use only top grade U.S. made industrial fabrics. We have tanks that are 15-20 years old that have been sent back for repairs and can last at least another 5 years. SEE WARRANTY MENU BAR.  PLEASE CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. 

Our design staff can custom design your tanks to meet special storage needs. Just call and we can quote your custom designs.

The Float-Dock Strainer® was also invented by the founder of Fol-Da-Tank, Giles Eldred, in 1954 and is still being sold worldwide as a dependable piece of firefighting equipment.

The patented "Rol-La-Tank®"™ (U.S. Patent # 7,036,676 B2) is now being used in critical remote areas by the U.S. Forest Service and military.

The Fol-Da-Tank Company is always willing to work with firefighters to help provide the safest products in the industry.

Mr. Jan Christensen



 FOL-DA-TANK products are still the #1 choice.
Knowledge, Design and Quality

When the Fol-Da-Tank® and Float-Dock® Strainer were first introduced in 1954, the products were seen as the start of rural water supply.  Over the years Fol-Da-Tank has listened to the needs of firefighters to develop the products we sell today.

1982 - The first tank Connector system was developed and Fol-Da-Tank set the standards for this product.
1989 - Fol-Da-Tank developed a combined Floating Strainer and Low-Level Strainer.  We also developed our own Supply Line Holders which have evolved into the products that are being used today.
1990 - Fol-Da-Tank was chosen by the oil and gas company Schlumberger water division to develop the first 1" square tube aluminum frame.  Fol-Da-Tank also introduced the first Double-Folding frame tank.
1992 - The Eldred Environmental and Export Company (Division of Fol-Da-Tank Company) was incorporated.  The company developed Secondary Containment Berms and Mini-Dams®.  A complete line of Chemical Resistant fabrics are available for these products today. 
1995 - The redesigned self leveling Float-Dock® Strainer with an all aluminum strainer box and polyethylene float was introduced.  All aluminum Low-Level Strainers with jet assist were also introduced. 
2000 - Fol-Da-Tank was chosen to develop tanks for foreign governments.  A new proprietary High Performance Rubber fabric for Fol-Da-Tank liners was developed and trade marked "HPR"®.
2002 - Fol-Da-Tank was asked to add easy lift liner pick up handles to the bottom of the tank liners.  (This is now a standard feature on all folding frame tanks.)
2003 - Fol-Da-Tank applied for a patent on the Pinch Free Design Hinge Protector and Intergrated Bar Clamp used on all models of the folding frame tanks.  The Large Diameter Supply Line Holder, our own design Power Jet Siphon and New Patent Pending In-Line Jet Siphon was developed. 
2004 - Applied for a patent on the Rol-La-Tank®.
2006 - Patent #7,036,676B2 was awarded for the Rol-La-Tank®.  Fol-Da-Tank introduced 30 oz. and 35 oz. fabrics. 
2007 - Fol-Da-Tank developed an aluminum folding tank for the U.S. Army.  Two types of Quick Assemble tank frames were also developed.  The Rol-La-Tank Type II and the Quick Assemble DBL-HI®.
2009 - In late 2009 Fol-Da-Tank introduced "HPR"® High Performance Rubber.  Testing on the "HPR"® is complete and approved as a Hypalon® alternative for the forest service and rural fire departments. 
2010 - Fol-Da-Tank is developing new products using 3D computer programs.
2011 - U.S. and Canadian patents issued for "Pinch Free" frame design and intergrated bar clamp.  Fol-Da-Tank designs new 1" square radius corner aluminum extrusioin trademarked as "H2²".
2012- Fol-Da-Tank introduces the "Single Lane Tank"™ concept by Chad Christensen. (3rd generation of Fol-Da-Tank)


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