Aluminum Threaded Flange Coupling

 2.5" aluminum flange shown

Flanges are provided on all self-supporting tanks and all Quick-Assemble series tanks.  When no longer in use, the SST may be quickly drained through a flange coupling on the side.  All self-supporting tanks have reinforced heat sealed patches around the aluminum flange.   The flanges are made from high quality al-mag alloy which provides top quality castings and threads.  The flanges can also be mounted on the side walls of the FOL-DA-TANK framed tank.  This application is used when drafting with a Low-Flow Strainer attached to the side wall.  Flanges range from 1.5" - 6" with standard NST male or female threads available. 

Options available:

  • Brass 
  • Storz
  • Cam & Groove couplings 
  • Custom Threads 
  • NFPA powder coated colors available

6" aluminum flange shown

*Quick-Assemble series includes:

  • Quick-Assemble DBL-HI®


Part No.
FLC-1.5 1 1/2" / 4cm
FLC-2 2" / 5cm
FLC-2.5 2 1/2" / 6cm
FLC-3 3" / 8cm
FLC-4 4" / 10cm
FLC-4.5 4 1/2" / 11cm
FLC-5 5" / 13cm
FLC-6 6" / 15cm
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