Framed and Self-Supporting Tank Repair Kit

For general repair of tanks.  Material types: 22 oz. HPR™ High Performance Rubber, 22 oz. vinyl, 30 oz. vinyl and FDA


 Kit includes: 

1 pint of adhesive, 1 yard of material, 1 pair of scissors, 1 seam roller, 1 abrasive scrub pad, 2 alcohol prep pads



Clam Shell Patch Kit



Clam shell kits are used for field emergency repairs until you can get back to the maintenance shop to repair your tank.  Clam shell kits are specifically designed for self-supporting and pillow style tanks, however they can also be used on folding framed tanks.

Kit includes:

1 pair of scissors, 1- 3" clam shell, 1- 5" clam shell, 1- 7" clam shell, 1- 3" screw plug. 1- 5" screw plug




Field Emergency Repair Kit


This kit can be used on all Fol-Da-Tank fabrics and containment berms.  A quick solution for repairing your product.

Kit includes:

6 tear-aid patches, 1 pair of scissors, 1 seam roller, 2 alcohol prep pads




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